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Fair Shares is a community based project that uses two-way volunteering, to reward people for the time and effort they put into their neighbourhood.

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Fair Shares projects

Fair Shares is involved with many different projects, ranging from working with young people, to fundraising events and dementia work.

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Virtual Annual General Meeting 2021 – 2022

We’d like to invite you to Fair Shares Virtual Annual General Meeting. It’ll be hosted using Zoom on Monday 18th July 2022, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. The AGM will look at the work of Fair Shares over the last financial…read more

Bees @ the Growing Space
Reyaz kneeling down and cutting the tape off a nuc of bees so the frames can be removed.

On Wednesday Reyaz met up with Ruth, from GL Communities, and helped get Gloucester Services new bees settled in at their community growing space. Originally the plan was to have two hives and they had been prepared beforehand and were…read more

Wood for Benches
Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust employee in a mini crane lifting a wooden log up from a pile.

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (GWT), who manage Lower Woods, donated some Ash wood to our workshop. We visited Lower Woods, one of the largest ancient woodlands in the south-west, to pick up some spare wood GWT had. Jon spent some time…read more

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Different ways you can get involved

As an individual

There are many ways you can get involved; from sharing time and skills with others in the community to taking part in our social activities. The options are endless.

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Through GEM

Find out about the GEM project and how to start your journey towards employment.

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If you don't feel you can share your time, then you can also give a donation to the Fair Shares community.

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How Fair Shares has helped…

It’s a great way of getting unemployed people back into things, instead of them being made to feel redundant and losing confidence.

Bill Wragge, Cotswold District Council

My illness no longer defines or limits my life. Fair Shares has changed my life. I can’t talk highly enough about it.

Fred in Gloucester

Coming here has helped me become more confident; I am more comfortable with people and I can make and do useful things to help other people, and make friends who don’t judge you. It’s made me think about becoming a social worker, or a teacher.

Courntey, a young participant in Gloucester

When I walk around town, I see so many people I know. It’s embedded me into the community

Jane from North Cotswolds

Fair Shares members have been so supportive. They have moved an ottoman for me and provided lifts and in return I have undertaken extensive sewing repairs. It’s a very effective method.

Gee from Newent

I feel part of their community and know that my time and skills are valued

Vivienne from Newent

It’s just the natural way of living – everyone helping each other out.

Rob from Gloucester

I’ve really enjoyed being with younger people and been impressed with their commitment. Without this we would never have met and had the time to speak and listen to each other. This could help change people’s attitudes.

Pammy from Stroud

I’ve been involved in Fair Shares for three years, after volunteering at a woodland project, Gymnation, the Furniture Recycling Project and the City Farm. I don’t like office work, I prefer doing practical things that help people – Fair Shares is all about people helping each other. I’ve learned all sorts of skills – carpentry, gardening, lambing and repairing things. I feel safe, welcome and useful here

Luke from Gloucester

It’s been amazing because we can actually have a conversation with older people and learn things from them and at the same time learn something new about cooking, nutrition and how to budget.

John, a young participant from Stroud