Young People

Timebanking is a great tool to get young people involved in their community. We of course work with people of any age and we have many young people giving and sharing their time with others as individual participants. But we have also run specific group projects aimed to get more young people involved.

These projects have been to encourage young people who may not know about timebanking or volunteering to get them helping out in their neighbourhoods. We have worked with schools, youth clubs, home education groups as well as other youth organisations. Teams of young people have helped out with lunches at sheltered housing schemes, been part of public clean up days, built horse shelters for the city farm as well as many other things.

We try to find different and fun ways for them to be part of Fair Shares. Most importantly we find out what they want to do – what skills would they like to share, or what things would they like to learn. Through the activities the young people have the chance to positively contribute to the community but also improve their own self confidence.

A row of five young people alongside a wooden planter, shifting the soil and planting various plants.