Set up in the year 2000, the Gloucester Time Bank is one of the largest and most dynamic time banks in England. We have participants from all over the city, from all walks of life, and it’s this great mix of people that makes our time bank what it is.

  • Exchanges between over 300 participants are organised by our timebrokers – these can range from changing a lightbulb to helping clear someones garden.
  • Our workshop, headed by Jon, is open to all to come and learn about woodworking and help with community projects or create their own items.
  • Our allotment, near St james City Farm, is ran by Rachel and open to visitors. She regularly runs events for kids based around nature, especially during half-term.
  • Our Monday Lunch Club serves up food weekly and provides a place for people to meet up and socialise.
  • We have a popular craft club which meets weekly in the main hall at Chequers.

We like to think there’s something for everyone – everyone has something to offer and anyone can get involved.

If you want to find out more you can come join us on Mondays at our weekly community lunch at Chequers Bridge Community Centre. Food is normally ready about 12.30pm, but cooking and socialising starts at 11am.

Contact us to sign up in Gloucester
Four photos showing Fair Shares activities. Top Left: A man chipping away at some wood outside the workshop. Top Right: Food being served at the lunch club. Bottom Left: A visitor and their daughter looking around the allotment. Bottom Right: A young person helping to build a planter.


Lunch Club

Prep @ 11:30am, Eating @ 1:30pm

Wood Workshop

11am - 4pm


Craft Group

2pm - 4pm

Wood Workshop

11am - 4pm


Social Wednesdays @ Allotment

10:30am - 12pm


Wood Workshop

11am - 4pm