Funders & Partners

Each of our Time Banks is funded by a combination of funding, including grants, donations and earned income. We are a resourceful organisation and believe that we deliver great value for money.

We are very keen to find ways to become sustainable.

Partnership working is part of the Fair Shares ethos and we have been part of some successful consortium and partnership bids.

If you are an organisation looking for potential partners and want to know more about how we work please contact us on either or call on 01452 415 900.

Interested in supporting us?
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Our main funders & partners

Some of our previous funders

Funder John JamesFunder Tewkesbury Borough Council
Funder Morrisons FoundationFunder the Tudor Trust
Funder rooftop Housing Group
Funder SovereignTesco Logo

How can we prove time banking works?

We believe in time banking, and we know first-hand that it works. However, we understand that it’s asking a lot of prospective funders to take that final step in becoming a permanent supporter of Fair Shares, so we’ve provided some cold, hard evidence to illustrate its success! 

Below you will find records of evaluations we have had carried out in previous years, as well as plans for future ones.

Fair Shares Evaluation - August 2011 - PDF Fair Shares Evaluation Refresh - February 2013 - PDF