Living with Dementia

Fair Shares is pioneering new ways to improve the wellbeing of people living with dementia. Its innovative approaches, developed in partnership with community organisations, carers, families and those living with dementia, are making a real difference to communities in Gloucestershire.

Carers and family members have told us how useful the postcards have been, from sons and daughters using them to reignite family stories, to care workers finding out more about the lives of the people they care for.


Three years ago, after completing dementia worker training and with funding from the Barnwood Trust, Chris, colleague Emma Ordonez and local Fair Shares volunteers organised a Dementia Conference in Stroud which brought together care home professionals, health and social care agencies, family carers and others with an interest in dementia.

The Fair Shares co-ordinators visited 12 local care homes, attended memory cafes, contacted groups like ‘Singing for the Brain’, discussed with day centres, participated in conferences, spoke to carers and family members as well as many people living with dementia.

They learned about the importance of outdoor activities to the wellbeing of people living with dementia and developed three Fair Shares projects as a result:

A group of elderly people with younger people