A Day at St Fagans

30th September 2022
We packed ourselves into two mini buses and set off across the border to St Fagans, in Wales.

St Fagans is a historic museum focusing on people’s everyday lives. Set on the grounds of St Fagans Castle, a 16th century Elizabethan manor house, it’s home to various old buildings which have been taken down and then rebuilt at the museum.

We spent the morning exploring these buildings – a toll booth, chapel, sweet shop, water mill and more. Each building provided an insight into the different decade that it was originally built, and some also had information about their original occupants.

In the afternoon we visited the manor house itself and took a look around the surrounding gardens. All the flowers were magnificent and still in bloom, giving off perfume-like scents.

Everyone had a great time, whether it was their first visit or third, and are eager to go again!

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