A Day Out in Oxford

18th November 2022
Looking down from a higher level at all the ground floor display cases full of items.
We had a trip to Oxford this week to visit the Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museum.

Everyone had a great day out and it was a totally unexpected experience for all us as we wandered around the museums packed with all sorts of wondrous and interesting artifacts.

We also had some great conversations throughout the day, which just highlight how important community and all of these activities are. In the words of Gill – “Days like this are really important, taking you out of the every day normal things. I get to find out what I’m interested in. All my life I never even realised the different things that interested me. I’ve been a mum, a worker and a gran, but I even said to my kids, I’m only just finding out who I am. I’ve spent my whole life just doing things without taking time out to explore myself and my interests, so days like this mean a lot. You’re never too old to learn new things”

But our favourite conversation of the day started with “When I was shipwrecked off Morocco…”

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