Amey, Bikes, and Cleaning Up

6th September 2017
Messy Bike Area
From a pile of rubbish to a clear, tidy space.

Finding handy people to help with the more physical tasks can always be a bit tricky. However, after building some community links during our family fun day we were able to call upon the aid of Amey. Amey are responsible for maintaining the roads and streets around Gloucester, and had already done us a huge favour by lending us some road blocks previously.

This time they took a more active role and loaned us a couple of their capable workers to help clear out an area in Chequers, which had laid derelict for over 3 years, where we could then place a secure bike shed. We’d been sitting on the £1,000 grant given to us by Leeds Building Society to build a bike shed for a while, so having the area cleared in such a quick time allowed us to get a move on. A big thanks to Josh, Luke and everyone else from Amey.

Here’s a look at the transformation in pictures.

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