Another summer of fun!

We took part in the summer HAF alongside other organistions, once again providing fun and food to kids across Gloucester.

The HAF (Holiday Activities and Food) programme is funded by the Department of Education and targets those between reception and year 11 who receive free school meals. There’s additional funding which enables HAP – activities for those who doesn’t receive FSM. The goal is to provide fun activities to keep children entertained over the holidays as well as providing healthy food, both at the activities and through food bags which are given out.

Across August we ran events at both our allotment and in the main hall at the Friendship Cafe. At our allotment we did a variety of arts and crafts in addition to our usual summer trail. Kids made owls from sticks, lanterns from jam jars, finger painting, lollipop painting and then enjoyed a lunch of jacket potatoes and fruit.

In the hall we ran free archery sessions for kids between 9 – 11 and 12 – 15. They started off learning the basics, how to stand, how to hold a bow, and general discipline. Over the course of the session they’d improve gradually until finally popping balloons with top accuracy.

In addition to these activites for two Thursdays we acted as a pick up point for the food hampers given out. People could book in advance, or potentially drop in, and get a selection of groceries to help them through the week.

Although it took us a lot of preparation, it was worthwhile seeing the end results!

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