Baking at Hobbs House

14th October 2019

Together with a few of the other Gloucestershire Gateway Trust Partners, we paid a visit to Hobbs House Bakery.

Bread is a staple part of many people’s diets but it’s often used in the same few ways. We were invited to take part in a day of cooking at Hobbs House Bakery Cookery School, in Chipping- Sodbury. Other GGT Partners, including All Pulling Together and GL Communities, joined us.

We were allowed to taste some of the breads they have on offer, like their sourdough bread and turmeric bread. Working together we then created a tasty tomato soup using the sourdough to thicken it, an autumn panzanella, and a treacle tart for dessert.

We’ll be using this day as inspiration for our future lunch club meals.

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