Black Lives Matter

20th July 2020

Fair Shares’ commitment to diversity and anti-racism: a response to the voice of Black Lives Matter.

Building strong communities is the central focus of Fair Shares’ work. Time banking promotes neighbourliness and enables everyone to give and to receive. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone can feel valued and respected, safe to receive help and safe to contribute to their community.

Fair Shares Gloucestershire has time banks in the most ethnically diverse part of Gloucester and in the majority white community of Stroud. Racism can and does exist in both types of community.

Much of the systemic racism in society is so embedded that it can be hard for people to see if they are not on the receiving end of it. At Fair Shares, we believe that we have a responsibility to challenge discriminatory language and behaviours. To do this, we recognise that we need to educate ourselves and, where appropriate, everyone who contributes to the work of Fair Shares – participants, staff, trustees, community partners and funding partners. We are all learning together and we will speak out and listen to others to help create a fairer and more just society.

We make a commitment to scrutinise and monitor our work, and evidence how we believe in and put into practice the fundamental human rights demanded by the voice of Black Lives Matter.

Fair Shares Trustees and Staff

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