Classroom at the Allotment

It’s the start of spring and that means the allotment is back in action. Down at St James City Farm we’ve decided to change the poly tunnel into a learning environment.

Seats and tables, donated from the farm’s cafe, have been placed along one of the tunnel’s sides. Our goal is that when in full bloom people can be taught amongst the produce in a kind of ‘living’ room. Rob, who runs the allotments, has previous experience teaching others about allotment work. It’ll also give a good space to have a break during harsher weather.

Primary school children can come along and be taught all about germinating seeds and caring for plants. They’ll have actual examples within reach and be able to touch and smell them. Similarly Adults could learn about conservation in a work based environment and see the importance of freshly grown vegetables.

We hope this will be a comfortable and safe area where anyone and everyone can learn to appreciate nature and the joy of growing their own food.

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