Community Upcycling

15th May 2019

In partnership with Gloucester City Homes and Together in Matson we’ve ran two upcycling courses funded by Ethical Giving.

Starting in October, our first upcycling course focused on a set of dining table chairs donated to us. The plan was to reholster the seat and repaint the frame with a distressed look.

Over the course of six weeks the chairs were sanded, had a base coat applied, a lighter coat and then sanded along the edges. The seat was then recovered in with fabric sourced from The Scrapstore at City Works.

After the success of our dining chairs, we moved onto upcycling some round tables. Our aim was for an urban inspired look, utilising spray paints and stencils.

While we tried our best, the weather wasn’t ideal for using spray cans and as a result it did take a bit longer than expected. However, using both a gazebo and some hair dryers we were able to crack on regardless.

A side project of other chairs was started, and we’ll be looking to finish them as and when we can!

Over the past 12+ weeks we’re learnt just how enjoyable (although somethings frustrating) it can be to breath new life into our old furniture.

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