Fair Shares In Europe

11th November 2016

For a few years now Fair Shares has been part of a European wide project called Co-Acte.

Co-Acte builds on ten years of work in hundreds of different communities looking at issues of health and wellbeing. In particular it’s about identifying what people think are important for their own health and wellbeing and what we can all do together to take co-responsibility for the wellbeing for all.

For this work a wide array of community projects, both small and large came together to share their experiences and all of us looked at how we can take inspiration and ideas to help with our work (examples are eco villages, transition towns, community transport schemes, food waste projects and of course timebanking).

The ultimate aim of this project is to compile all this experience and build models of good practice to share with local authorities and European policy makers. It’s about taking what we know is important and making sure the people at the highest levels hears about it and then ideally puts their support (and money) in the right places.

So for this work Fair Shares was part of a three day conference in Brussels as a culmination of the project. We were there to really push Timebanking as an example of great practise. Everything was then presented at the European Union, Committee of the Regions.

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