Farewell to Sue

20th March 2023
Portrait shot of Sue.
After almost 6 years at the helm, and 12 years total with Fair Shares, Sue’s saying goodbye.

Hello everyone,

After almost 12 years at Fair Shares it’s time for me to say good bye, and I will be leaving Fair Shares at the end of March, My departure is with sadness and happiness tinged with a tiny bit of relief now the die is finally cast that it is the right time for me to go. I loved all my time with Fair Shares.

I started with Fair Shares at the new Cheltenham office and had little idea of what I was doing or what was in store. I’d been self employed for a number of years but had decided I wanted to bring about some changes in my life and find a job which involved working directly with people in the community. I manged to con people at the interview that I knew what I was doing and with help from the Gloucester team began to find my way. Following the departure of a colleague I was asked to take over the work in Tewkesbury, which I did for a couple of years until I took over the short lived role of Operations Manager in Gloucester, finally being appointed CEO 6 years ago.

The common thread that has made this work so wonderful and rewarding is and always has been the people, colleagues, participants, partner organisations. The energy enthusiasm and warmth from everyone supports us to support one another. I’ve never worked anywhere quite like it.

Fair Shares is unique. Other time banks have their own uniqueness but Fair Shares is special and I shall miss being there on a regular basis.

But I haven’t quite let go. I shall get involved in ways that fit with my new life and which don’t require me to write lots of applications, reports and emails, for which I will be grateful. But I will miss seeing you, chatting and being in touch.

Thank you all for sharing the best part of my working life. I’ll miss you and everything about Fair Shares.

Bye for now,


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