Festive Fun 2018

14th December 2018

Our Christmas party was a huge success and a great celebration of everything Fair Shares is. It was great to see so many people turn up to share some joy with others. We celebrated 20 years of Fair Shares and highlighted that the success of the work is because of our amazing participants and everything they do. Community is built piece by piece out of all the little ways people help each other, and Fair Shares is a testament to that. Over this past year we’ve been involved with all sorts of things, but it always comes down to people giving up their time to help others, and that’s what we love about Fair Shares.

Our party itself wouldn’t have been possible without all the help provided, from setting up tables and decorations to all the cooking and baking. We have to just highlight a few of our participants in particular who really went out of their way to make the party a success Nafisa Bham, one of our GEM participants who is working towards her own catering company made some delicious falafels and humus. Josie from The Melting Pot. (a great community café in Podsmead) brought over some of her carribean dumplings, Mandy showed another one of her many talents and baked loads of mince pies, Claire brought over 50 of the prize winning sausage rolls from the Gloucester Services, Haroon supplied loads of spicy samosas and Mary not only baked a whole selection of vegetarian pastries for us, but lead the charge organising the kitchen and getting all the food out for the party. Oh and of course Sylvia baked the most beautiful Christmas cake (which we’re still eating today!)

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