The Gloucester Christmas Party

21st December 2016

Last Wednesday we held the Gloucester Christmas Party in the hall at Chequers. A crowd of around 80 of our participants turned out to join us for our festive fun.

A wonderful spread of food including chicken and stuffing sandwiches, lentil curry and rice, and mushroom soup was provided by Rabia who had recently moved into the café at the front of Chequers. Chris and Lucia spent the morning in the kitchen hastily making a mountain of sandwiches as well, with Sue providing a vegetarian option as well. A selection of sweet treats including brownies and a christmas log were also available.

In usual Fair Shares fashion we had a hectic morning preparing the hall for the party – covering tables, putting up lights, setting out the food. With the help of all the staff and some participants we managed to get ready just in time for the first arrivals. We were joined by some Tesco representatives, who kindly brought along some mince pies for us.

We had a stall showcasing the great work our woodworking group does, and also a stall for our art group. Both stalls were selling goods made by the participants, a chance for any party-goers to buy some last minute gifts.

Below is a slide featuring some photos taken at the party, and we’d like to thank all those who attended.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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