Halloween At The Allotment

30th October 2020
We embraced October by carving some spooky pumpkins and celebrating the darker evenings.

On the first day of half-term we ran three sessions over the course of the day where pre-booked visitors could come and carve a pumpkin. Lots of spooky and unique designs were sketched out by the kids, and then the adults tried their best to replicate them.

Our pumpkins, some kindly donated by Pound Farm Shop, quickly dwindled and all that was left were aching arms and lots of pumpkin innards.

We followed that up on Wednesday by welcoming the colder, darker evenings and hosting a soup and sparklers gathering. Armed with home-made tomato & carrot and potato & leek soup, we warmed ourselves up before busting out the sparklers and having lots of fun drawing shapes and watching the sparks fly.

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