Men’s Shed

For the last year Fair Shares has helped to organise a twice monthly men’s group, which meets at the Old Crown pub at Paganhill in Stroud. The men vary in age and ability with some coming from local care homes such as Cotswold House at Ebley, others live in various parts of Stroud and arrive either with a family member or carer or alone. It’s an opportunity for people to meet, play cards or just have a drink and a chat.

For those that attend it’s an important social activity. The pub has been so welcoming to our group that we wanted to say thanks to Sian the landlady. So we arranged to put up a new shed for her as the old one was rotten. We asked the some of the woodwork group from Gloucester if they could come and help and we appreciated all their work, especially Jack and Kevin who worked tirelessly on a boiling hot day. We also tried to involve as much as possible those who come to the men’s group like Colin and Tom. Sian was really grateful for all our efforts and we hope the men’s group will continue for a long time to come.

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