Natural Creativity @ Our Allotment

Our allotment was jampacked on Wednesday as we were joined by lots of mini-artists.

Lots of natural materials are available at our allotment, so Rachel thought it’d be great fun to host another arts and crafts session where children could come by and get creative by incorporating those materials into their work.

We had a table for clay sculpting in the polytunnel, which then had to expand to another table outdoors due to overwhelming demand. We had a wide range of creations being made – all the way from humans to scorpions!

Another table was set aside for making tactile art using beans. After picking a template (either snails, butterflies, owls or more) the kids enjoyed slathering glue on and then ‘colouring’ their choice in with beans.

Finally we had paint. Some kids used the natural resources on offer, like leaves and seed bulbs, to make prints – others just went ham with a paintbrush.

Of course we also made bird feeders a few weeks ago too – which was just as fun but slightly more sedate…!

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