Our Time to Shine

5th July 2019

This June was Fair Shares Time to Shine at Gloucester Services.

‘Time to Shine’ is our opportunity to promote Fair Shares to both customers and the staff at the services. Gloucester Services is the result of a partnership between the Westmorland Family and the Gloucestershire Gateway Trust. This partnership means that 3p in every pound (excluding fuel) from sales at the services is given to partner charities, of which we are one.

Being able to showcase our charity at the services for a month is another benefit of the partnership. We quickly set about creating a schedule of what we’d like to highlight.

John showed his woodworking skills by setting up a mini workshop in the staff room and having staff members build their own minature planters, which they were then free to take home.

Chris, both in the staff room and in the main services, talked to curious onlookers about our ‘Chance to Chat’ postcards. Quite a few recognised images from the postcards – one popular photo was of Shirley Crabtree – or probably more well known as ‘Big Daddy’.

Our art group took over some tables and held jewellery crafting session which was free to join for all. One member of staff from the Services, Thomas, swung by our lunch club and treated them to a Venezuelan vegetarian feast. Sue held a yoga session with staff members.

We topped this off with taking our ‘Acts of Kindness’ signboard to both the North and South services and collecting stories from the general public.

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