‘These People We Love’ – Film


The film ‘These People We Love’ has been produced for Fair Shares by Pip and Ali Heywood of Heyweather Films. It captures the changing relationship between those living with dementia and their family carers as the disease progresses. A wealth of experience has been recorded that will be useful to professional health workers and families living with dementia. It records the individual experiences of those filmed, but also raises wider ethical questions about what is best for the individual, the family and society.

For over four years Fair Shares has been bringing the methods of timebanking to it’s work supporting those affected by dementia. We have developed our Gentle Park Walks projects that have created a welcoming environment for anyone who would benefit from some gentle exercise. We encourage those involved to share stories, experiences, skills and knowledge in the belief everyone has something they can offer to others. Our aim is to then try to find ways that we can use what we learn. For instance, having a coffee after a walk we discovered Alison, an ex lecturer and researcher, had written a thesis in the 1950’s about the South West Woollen industry. Stroud Museum was extremely interested in seeing the document when made aware of this because it included direct interviews with those working in the mills. Alison is one of those featured in the film.

Over the years we have seen relationships change as dementia progresses and new challenges appear. We wanted to capture the enduring love, frustration and support between carers and those living with dementia, so that care staff, carers and families could benefit from these experiences. This is the background to the making of ‘These People We Love,’ we hope you find it worthwhile.


We’ve written some guidance and suggestion notes for those looking to use this film for training purposes.