Pumpkin Pandemonium at our Allotment

3rd November 2023
Two pumpkins on a shelf. The pumpkin on the left has crosses for eyes and a smiling face. The pumpkin on the right has hearts for eyes and a toothy smile.
Our popular pumpkin carving day once again took over our allotment on Monday.

Across 4 sessions we helped carve over 40 pumpkins! Using a variety of designs we’d printed off as references, the kids set about personalising their pumpkins. Some chose to follow a specific design, others went free-style, and some even kept the carving to a minimum – instead choosing to use the markers to draw on the pumpkins instead.

After the pumpkins had their designs etched on them it was time to get scooping. We collected the innards in buckets which we then walked over to St James City Farm, where they were given to the animals as a treat. Once the pumpkins were hollow it was up to us and the parents to try and carve out the designs as accurately as possible!

On Wednesday we then had our Soup & Sparklers event. Visitors could choose from a cup of potato & leek, lentil, or mixed veg soup to enjoy before busting out the sparklers and having fun trying to make all kinds of shapes.

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