Raglan Castle Trip

14th July 2017

We had another great trip today, this time to Raglan Castle. It was a first time for most of us and I think we were all surprised by how impressive the castle is. We had a great time exploring the site and finding all the secret little rooms hidden away. Those brave enough managed to climb the spiral stairs and had a spectacular (and nerve racking) view from the tower.

What was amazing was that we paid the entry fee for the castle using timecredits! Timebanking UK has linked with CADW – the Welsh Government’s service working for an accessible and well-protected historic environment. This means that time bank participants can visit many Welsh historic sites using timecredits. So if anyone has any ideas of other Welsh sites that you’d like to visit, let us know.

Of course for some people visiting a 600 year castle isn’t enough and suggested that we stop at Symond’s Yat on the way home. As Symond’s Yat is one of my favourite places in Gloucestershire, I readily agreed and we took a little detour to spend a while at the viewing point there.

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