Rain Garden @ Friendship Cafe

A woman with gardening gloves holding a plant, about to put it in some soil in a planter. The background has more people doing the same.
Over the last few months we’ve been building two rain gardens at The Friendship Cafe.

Rain gardens are a way to slow down temporary flooding and divert, filter, and clean heavy rainfall before it goes back into the water system. These are something that the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust are keen to promote and encourage others to do, so together we’ve built these as examples.

Over 40 people helped make them with helpers coming from all across Fair Shares. Our woodwork group helped shovel sand, our youth group helped build the planters, and various others chipped in as well.

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, once the rain gardens were finished, hosted an open day where people could pop by and learn about the benefits of rain gardens and how they could possibly make their own.

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