Resin Rivers

29th July 2019

Our workshop’s been experimenting with some new techniques.

We’re always looking for new and exciting things to try out in our workshop, and one thing that caught two of our participants eyes were ‘River Tables’. You take two pieces of wood, or a whole piece with holes naturally in it, and fill the gap with epoxy resin. Some people choose to leave the resin transparent but you can colour it however you’d like.

Paul chose to use a golden resin to fill his table, and as a result had wonderful swirls as part of his design which fit the natural wood grain. With his previous table he stuck with more traditional colours and used a blue resin.

Kevin however decided to ditch the table format completely and instead made a clock. He also mixed things up by using melted crayons to colour his resin, resulting in a funky tie-dye type design.

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