Sofa Moving

12th November 2018
On Friday a few of our young volunteers (and Rich) flexed their muscles and helped move some furniture.

After receiving a referral from Family Lives we were tasked with helping move a sofa from a flat at one end of town to the other end. Unfortunately using the lift in the flats wasn’t an option due to the size of the sofa.  Although thankfully for Ryan and Luke they only had to contend with two flights of stairs in total. Within an hour, and with a couple of breaks to catch their breath, they’d successfully moved the sofa into it’s new home.

With her new sofa in place, and after offers of tea or coffee, the happy recipient had the following to say –


“Very grateful for these guys because I dont have any transport, and I wouldn’t be able to source any gentlemen. They’re just a god-send at the end of the day – this wouldn’t have happened without them. Thank you ever so much.”


It goes to show that you don’t need to spend hours of your time just to make a difference. Sometimes helping with a simple task can make a big difference.

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