How Time banking and Times2 Maths is benefiting offenders

We have recently asked our Times2 Maths mentors and learners to tell us about the impact of being involved in the project. Here are a few short quotes however the full statements can be found on the documents page in the Prisons section along with a new referral form for probation officers supervising people in the community.

“Tasks such as filling out canteen forms, account queries can be daunting if you struggle with Maths so it is very rewarding when your assistance has helped someone to do these tasks”

U – Mentor for Times2 Maths, Leyhill

“The main concern [with the new 5 aside maths project] was learners not engaging fully with the Maths side and being impatient for the football. However, to our immense pride, the learners could see the idea behind the project and put their all into the Maths challenges set out for them. The sessions are a joy to be part of”

S – Mentor for Times2 Maths & 5 Aside Maths, Erlestoke

“During my 20 years in Prison I hadn’t done anything  like this before so I was quite nervous on introducing myself. Since [becoming a mentor] my confidence has risen dramatically, which has helped lift the ‘cloud’ I was under. It gives me a great feeling to know I’m making a difference helping others with their maths. I just love being part of the Times2 maths project”

J – Mentor for Times2 Maths, Leyhill

“Since starting Times2 maths, I have become much more confident”

S – Learner Times2 Maths, Erlestoke

“I struggle sitting in a classroom but a little bit of maths in a different environment is encouraging”

J1- Learner 5Aside Maths, Erlestoke

“While studying for my Maths level 2, I was very rusty and Times2 has boosted my confidence in Maths”

K – Learner Times2 Maths, Leyhill

“I have gained a general understanding of basic maths to help my kids”

J2 – Learner 5Aside Maths, Erlestoke

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