Working with Bridge Training

We’ve been working with a group of young people from Bridge Training over the past three months.

They’ve tackled a range of projects for the community including making planters for a local church, improving the polytunnel at our community allotment, and helping with the renovation of St James City Farm & Riding School Gloucester. Next up is making some benches and tables for Parry Park!

We’ve been really enjoying working with them, and are thrilled to hear some of the comments they’ve shared:

“Because of the project I have made more friends and it has given me the confidence to talk to people.”

“Because of the project I feel more independent. I am confident and comfortable talking to people and communicating. I am able to communicate what I need to do and what I need help with. I feel more confident in my own abilities and feel my skills in team leading and teamwork have improved.”

“Because of the project I have gained an understanding of woodwork skills and teamwork skills. I have also had fun doing tasks such as carrying stuff and building stuff. I also enjoy spending time out of the house.”

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