Welcome to Fair Shares

At Fair Shares we realise it is the little things that can make a big difference. By providing people with a way to share their skills and experience within their local area, we hope to bring people together, building stronger more resilient communities using Time Banking. 

Running since 1988, we now have 7 Time Banks situated across Gloucestershire, edging into Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. Time Banking is a system of two-way volunteering; for every hour of your time you put in you earn an hour of help in return. Whether you're the voice at the end of a phone, teaching someone a musical instrument, or painting someone´s bathroom, every hour is valued equally.

Anyone can get involved and everyone has something to offer. We have over 1,500 members across Gloucestershire  with a huge variety of skills and experience to offer. Our offices can be found in Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Stroud, Cheltenham, Newent, North Cotswolds and South Cotswolds

See here a film of the Dementia Friendly Walks organised by Fair Shares, the Museum in the Park, Stroud Valleys Project and Dementia Adventure. It was commisioned by the Barnwood Trust and filmed by Pip and Ally Heywood:


To see a short video about how Time Banking works click here.

To see, how our CEO was running to support Fair Shares click here.

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