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15th February 2016 - We are in the process of updating this website, please bear with us. Thank you

At Fair Shares we realise it is the little things that can make a big difference. By providing people with a way to share their skills and experience within their local area, we hope to bring people together, building stronger more resilient communities using Time Banking. 

Running since 1988, we now have 6 Time Banks situated across Gloucestershire and a charity shop in Stonehouse. Time Banking is a system of two-way volunteering; for every hour of your time you put in you earn an hour of help in return. Whether you're the voice at the end of a phone, teaching someone a musical instrument, or painting someone´s bathroom, every hour is valued equally.

Anyone can get involved and everyone has something to offer. We have over 1,500 members across Gloucestershire  with a huge variety of skills and experience to offer.

Memory Box Launch 28th January 2016

Our Stroud Time Bank, in collaboration with Stroud Library and The Museum in The Park, has launched Memory Boxes as part of the 'Time to Chat Project'. The boxes created by Fair Shares can be borrowed from the library and the museum. The aim of the project is to encourage conversations, spark memories and prompt stories. The boxes can be particularly useful for anyone involved in caring for someone living with a memory problem or diagnosed with dementia.

memory box .jpg

 The 'Time to Chat Project' is funded by Stroud District Council, Comic Relief and The Commissioners Fund. For more information on this project and other dementia related work visit our news page.



To see a short video about how Time Banking works click here

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