Big Buzz at the Services

18th February 2020

Our workshops latest challenge was one of its biggest yet.

Capitalizing on our previous experience with bee making, we were asked to create a 10ft bee sculpture for the northbound Gloucester Services.

It was a complex task right from the very beginning. Its scale and location provided additional difficulties which weren’t present in our previous attempt. Located on elevated ground near the growing space and dog walking path, it was vital that the sculpture remained standing firm even in blustery winds.

We spent lots of time discussing both amongst ourselves and with the health and safety team at the Services so that we could design something that was safe while still pleasing to the eye. The end result was familiar, but not too close to our previous bee.

After months of planning and building minature prototypes, it was time to actually begin construction. Our workshop regulars, led by Jon, handled the woodwork while the wings were welded by Rich.

Once everything was built we had the monumentous task of actually transporting it to the services and assembling it. We were thankfully joined in this endeavour by helpers from the Services as well as Community Payback. Over the course of 4 days we were able to dig out the holes, carry up all of the cement and aggregate, cement the metal frame in place and then construct the bee.

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