Lloyds ‘Give and Gain’ Week

We were joined by some extra volunteers as part of Lloyds ‘Give and Gain’ week.

Lloyds ‘Give and Gain’ week is part of their overall commitment to deliver 2.3 million volunteering hours by 2020 as part of their ‘Helping Britain Prosper’ plan. In 2017 they delivered over 258,000 hours and have so far exceeded 1 million. We were lucky enough to be one of the Gloucester charities able to benefit from their support and be able to share timebanking with them.

We kicked the week off with Lindsey and Mark taking a break from phones and joining our lunch club. They assisted Sylvia with making a tuna pasta bake and serving it to over 20 people. It was a new experience for Mark, who remarked that he normally isn’t allowed in the kitchen. Steve, a regional connector, also joined us and used the opportunity to get to know some of our regulars by joining the pool club’s activities. Mark also used his break to help Mick fix Lucy’s rickshaw.

Midweek another Lloyds employee, Andy, joined us did a bit of dog walking for Sarah, one of our participants. He had a great time taking an evening walk with George.

To finish things off we had another group of Lloyds volunteers join us in Stroud for one of our gentle walks. While one of the goals of our gentle walks is to have people meet up and share stories, we didn’t expect some of our guests to already be familiar faces. Leanna, one of our Lloyds volunteers, had planned to meet up with her Gran later on in the day. She was surprised however to see her Gran taking part in our gentle walk. Emma also paid us a visit and discovered her sister-in-law was one of the Lloyds volunteers that had joined us.

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