#DementiaActionWeek 2022

16th May 2022
A group of 10 people, some sitting and some standing, talking with each other in a park.

Today marks the beginning of Dementia Action Week, and in Stroud we were part of the coordinated Dementia Action Week involving Glos Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust, Glos NHS Dementia Training & Education Team, many care homes, memory groups, and other health & care organisations.

Our event took place in the lead up to Dementia Action Week with a special gentle park walk involving a Chance to Chat session held in the Museum in the Park and led by Chris. The gentle park walks are accessible to anyone who would benefit from a gentle walk, they are wheelchair friendly and are designed to be welcoming to anyone affected by dementia.

On our DAW walk Richard (FS participant & walk volunteer) gave an interesting talk about the wild flowers and plants in Stratford Park as we walked round, including their uses in times gone by.

During the Chance to Chat session in the museum before the walk people were inspired to talk about their life in India, organising school trips to India, trips to Weston Super Mare, owning a Norton bicycle (only a few were made), and much more.

Most of those involved took a pack of postcards home, with the intention of writing the memories on them and sending them to someone who would appreciate the card. It’s a way of rebuilding and maintaining relationships.

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