Goodbye Emma!

26th March 2018
Emma & Chris
We bid a sad farewell to Emma on Friday.

After seven years as a timebroker in Stroud Emma has decided to move on to pursue her musical career and to get back to teaching the piano and trumpet. She has been a vital part of Fair Shares and alongside Chris has completely reshaped the timebank in Stroud and Stonehouse. Even before joining us as staff, she was an active participant.

Luckily for us Emma will continue to be a part of Fair Shares as a participant once more and in particular will continue taking part in the Stroud park walks.

However, Friday was her last official walk as a timebroker and everyone turned up to the Museum in the Park to wish her well. There were some heart felt words and a few sad tears before Chris gifted her a cherry blossom tree to remember us all by, alongside a card featuring some of the highlights of her time with us. Participants also had their own gifts ready, showing just how fondly everyone throught of her. It was the perfect way to say goodbye.

So bye bye Emma the timebroker and welcome back Emma the participant!

Chris will now be the sole timebroker for Stroud and Stonehouse, so please direct all enquiries to him at 01453 706555.

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