Visiting the ‘Golden Triangle’

4th April 2022
Chris & Stroud Participants at the 'Golden Triangle' in the Forest of Dean

The Forest of Dean is home to one of Britain’s increasingly rare events, the flowering of wild small daffodils found in the area known as the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Newent, Kempley and Dymock.

Most years we try and organise a trip to enjoy this natural marvel. Covid has stopped a lot of our Stroud trips for a couple of years so a small group from Stroud and Stonehouse were really keen to get back in the reliable, if a little bumped, Fair Shares mini bus.

Heading to Betty Daws Wood in the Forest of Dean we had a lovely walk through ‘a host of golden daffodils’. One person had hardly left her house for 2 years due to non-Covid health complications. She said “it’s so lovely being out in the fresh air – I haven’t been out for ages.” We also enjoyed a meal and wander around a local garden centre. Then we were homeward bound via a short stop at the River Severn near Minsterworth. A text later from Veronica summed up the mood; “thank you for doing the trip today, Me and Beau [her dog] had a lovely day.”

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